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Ken Ramsay’s Empowerment Dialogue Lab

January 31, 2018

A one day workshop with Ken Ramsay, author of The Empowerment Dialogue.  Ken uses a “Laboratory Circle” approach to help learn and refine how to solicit planned and major gifts from prospects.  You will get to try, test, experiment, practice and discover a unique way of gift solicitation.


When: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Where: Silver Springs Golf Course

Breakfast and Lunch Included

Pricing: Member - $150 Non Member - $200


Join us January 31 at Silver Springs Golf and Country Club


Empowerment Dialogue One-day Laboratory


This one-day workshop will employ a Laboratory approach to learning the powerful Empowerment

Dialogue approach to soliciting planned and major gifts from prospects. Using a Laboratory Circle,

participants will fully participate in a day of learning the actual language of successful fundraising

solicitation and must be willing to publicly role-play dialogues being a fundraiser and a prospect. The

Laboratory approach will involve trying, testing, experimenting, practicing and discovering in a unique

way to learn this approach to soliciting gifts.


Goals and Take-aways:

 Participants will:

  • · be surprised at how easy it is to talk to prospects and solicit gifts;
  • · try out the actual language to use;
  • · want to continue to use and practice the workbook provided in the coming months;
  • · be confident enough to attempt the Empowerment Dialogue Approach with their own


  • · be able to ask for a planned or major gift immediately.


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