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Generosity of Spirit Awards

How to Write a Winning Generosity of Spirit Nomination 


Date:April 5th 
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: United Way, 6th Floor

Facilitator: Vincent Duckworth, CFRE

Nominating a donor or volunteer for an AFP Calgary & Area Generosity of Spirit (GOS) Award is a high form of respect and acknowledgement. It speaks to the importance of the nominee's role in our community and in your organization. It also provides a platform to tell the community more about the wonderful people and organizations who are doing great things for all of us. 

It is also a ton of work!

Preparing an award winning nomination will involve a number of people from inside and outside of your organization and may take weeks of planning time. Writing a nomination can take anywhere from an afternoon to a few days. 

And in the end, while the act of nominating and of being nominated is high praise in itself, your hope really is that your nominee will be the one that receives the award. 

To increase the likelihood of this occurring, you will want your nomination to be the best it can be. 

AFP Calgary & Area's Generosity of Spirit Committee wants this as well. To support your work in preparing a GOS nomination for 2017, we are putting on an Award Nomination Workshop on April 5th from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at United Way of Calgary & Area. We recommend this workshop for anyone who is interested in how to prepare a strong award nomination whether this is for a GOS award or for any award. 

Workshop Topics:
- Deciding on who to nominate
- Understanding nomination criteria 
- Informing the nominee 
- Planing a nomination timeline 
- Resources required 
- Writing tips 
-Support letters 
-Follow up



Generosity of Spirit - Call for Nomination

AFP Calgary and Area Chapter recognizes the many individuals, families, youth, groups and businesses who demonstrate the spirit of philanthropy through outstanding contributions of time, talent, leadership and financial support.  The Generosity of Spirit™ Awards provides the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate these philanthropic leaders that make a difference in our community - whether the community is local, regional, national or international.
Generosity requires taking action to make a difference; it is a tool to create a better world.  Your nominee's generosity can be characterized as voluntary, powerful, multi-faceted, active and self-perpetuating. 
For the past twenty years, the Generosity of Spirit™ Awards have been a vital component to National Philanthropy Day®.  This Day provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations, professionals, volunteers, service organizations and others in the community to acknowledge and showcase their philanthropic partners.

If you have questions or want to discuss your nomination, call Bethany at 403 689 2571 or email 


Generosity of Spirit Nomination Package 

2016 Generosity of Spirit Award Winners

  • Coroporate Philanthropist - Stikeman Elliott LLP
  • Small Business Philanthropist - Peters & Co. 
  • Philanthropic Group - Calgary Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society
  • Doc Seaman Individual Philanthropist - Suzanne West
  • Youth Philanthropist - Colton Lewis 
  • Philanthropic Family - The Steele Family 
  • Lifetime Acheivement Philanthropist - Mike and Linda Shaikh 

2015 Gererosity of Spirit Award Winners 

  • Corporate Philanthropist - Alliance Pipeline
  • Small Business Philanthropist - JMH & Co. 
  • Philanthropic Group - Visionary Builders 
  • Doc Seaman Individual Philanthropist - Sue Riddell Rose
  • Youth Philanthropist - Matthew Carrington
  • Philanthropic Family - The Sevcik Family 
  • Lifetime Acheivement Philanthropist - John Forzani

2014 Generosity of Spirit Award Winners

  • Corporate Philanthropist - FirstEnergy Capital Corp
  • Small Business Philanthropist - Cedarglen Homes
  • Philanthropic Group - George McDougal High School
  • Doc Seaman Individual Philanthropist - Nicki Perkins
  • Youth Philanthropist - Nazifa Rahman
  • Philanthropic Family - The Horbachewski Family
  • Lifetime Achievement Philanthropist - David Bissett